The Team Behind Your Straight Smile

From tightening your braces and taking x-rays of your teeth to welcoming you at the door and scheduling your next appointment at Champlain Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on our dedicated and fully-trained staff! It takes everyone’s effort to provide you with the stellar care we promise to our patients. Allow us to introduce you to the team behind your straight smile!


Introducing Our Orthodontists!


Dr. Daniel J. Ryan

The Team Behind Your Straight Smile


Dr. Ryan is a board-certified orthodontist! Inspired by his own orthodontist growing up, Dr. Ryan knew he wanted the unique opportunity of helping people reclaim their smiles and fostering the wonderful relationships that stem from the experience.

Originally from New York, he received his Bachelor’s degree at St. John Fisher College as well as his Doctor of Dental Surgery at the University of New York Buffalo Dental School. He continued his training at SUNY at Buffalo to receive his Certificate of Orthodontics and Masters of Science before moving to Vermont. A member of multiple professional dental organizations, such as the American Association of Orthodontists, he enjoys being an active member in his field.

He loves helping his patients break out of their shells and see a whole different person embrace their new smile. For Dr. Ryan, it is all about the genuine connections he is able to make and the chance to see his patients grow up right before his eyes. 



Dr. Elissa A. Eaton

The Team Behind Your Straight Smile

Dr. Eaton has dedicated her professional life to the field of orthodontics. Her passion was sparked by being around her father’s own practice as a child and observing the authentic relationships he built with his patients over the years.

Born and raised in Vermont, she received her degree at Lehigh University and accepted her dental degree from the University of Connecticut, where she was the recipient of awards such as the American Association of Orthodontists Award. She completed her orthodontic training at SUNY at Buffalo with a Master of Science. Dr. Eaton is a committed member of her field, holding membership with professional organizations such as the American Dental Association and Champlain Dental Society. 

She has also volunteered her orthodontic expertise through travels to underserved communities in Peru. Dr. Eaton’s favorite part of her job is the time she gets to spend with her patients and the bond they hold even after treatment is complete. She loves to have fun with both her team and patients alike!


Meet Our Team of Experts

Drs. Ryan and Eaton rely on the support of our team at Champlain Orthodontics to make things possible. Their collective expertise allows our practice to thrive and deliver the best treatment around to make sure your time with us helps you get the smile you want.

Appointment Coordinators

Patty and Kathryn serve as our organized appointment coordinators, where they manage scheduling patients into our calendar. By working with you to find the best time to return to our practice for ongoing treatment, they help us take care of you and accommodate your busy life. 

Treatment Coordinators

Wendy and Lisa play a vital role as our treatment coordinator. They serve as our first point of contact with patients by helping us onboard first-time patients and work directly with you throughout each phase of treatment. Discussing financial options and insurance questions, you can rely on them to answer any questions you may have throughout your time with us!

Lab Technicians

Felicia and Julie work as our wonderful lab technicians here at Champlain Orthodontics. Their job includes making the orthodontic appliances you need for treatment, like retainers. Should an appliance need repairing, we call on them to come to our aid!

Orthodontic Assistants

Kelsie, Ali, Lyndi, Karly, and Mindy make up our experienced group of orthodontic assistants! They provide everything from chairside assistance to Drs. Ryan and Eaton, preparing each patient for their examination, cleaning dental instruments, taking x-rays, and much more. Far from an exhaustive list, they are the right-hand person next to our orthodontists during your appointment and are eager to answer any questions you may have.

Dental Hygienist

Sylvie directly takes care of you as our dental hygienist! She serves as a bridge between our orthodontists and our patients. Her job focuses on preventative care, such as polishing patients’ teeth, removing plaque, administering local anesthetic when necessary, and much more.



The Team Behind Your Straight Smile

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