Whats Are LightForce Braces?

In the past few decades, there have been many advancements in orthodontic technology. Braces have long been upgraded from clunky, awkward, and painful to lighter, sleeker, and more comfortable in design. And one of the more recent and exciting new upgrades for patients is LightForce braces. At Champlain Orthodontics, we want all of our patients to receive the most modern, up-to-date technology that orthodontics has to offer. Let’s take a look at what LightForce braces are and what benefits they offer to those seeking treatment.

What are LightForce braces?

Let’s start with the basics. LightForce braces are the world’s first-ever 3D printed, customized braces. These types of braces are designed with a unique prescription for every patient.

Traditional metal braces are all the same size, shape, and configuration for every patient. Upon getting traditional metal braces, you will likely be required to visit the office multiple times. During this, your orthodontist will spend multiple visits repositioning the brackets on your teeth, as well as bending wires to get the teeth in the right position throughout your treatment process. This is because traditional metal braces are not designed around the unique shapes, structures, and variations of teeth across different individual patients. 

But LightForce braces are made for each individual. There are fewer office visits required for repositioning brackets and bending wires. On top of that, the custom brackets fit more closely to each person’s teeth, resulting in fewer instances of breaking brackets. While there’s nothing wrong with the traditional approach, LightForce is a modern and more comfortable solution, creating a treatment customized just to you.

What does LightForce braces treatment look like?

LightForce treatment offers a few different solutions to patients, all of them personalized to you and your smile. These different solutions include:

LightPlan Treatment Software

LightPlan is a modern digital treatment planning software by LightForce. With LightPlan, your orthodontist will create, configure, and finalize a treatment plan specifically for each individual patient.

LightTray Indirect Bonding

LightTrays are 3D-printed, ergonomically designed trays that are personalized for each unique patient. This tray is used when placing the brackets and helps the orthodontist place them with the right precision.

Cloud Brackets

Cloud Brackets are the only 3D printed custom ceramic brackets available to patients. These brackets are heavily customizable and conform to each patient’s treatment plan.

Light Brackets

LightBracket is an aesthetic option that neatly blends in with a person’s tooth color. When it comes to its features and benefits, it offers the same as Cloud Bracket does, but it is translucent and even less visible.

Whats Are LightForce Braces?

How do LightForce braces work?

LightForce braces planning is done digitally, so there are no uncomfortable impressions or plaster models to deal with. Our team at Champlain Orthodontics will complete a comprehensive digital scan of your teeth. This scan will then be used to design custom brackets for each individual tooth. These made-to-order brackets can be placed wherever necessary on your teeth, giving our doctors control over the movements they make. This makes treatment faster and more efficient than it is with traditional braces. LightForce brackets are also more visibly subtle than metal braces. They’re made from polycrystalline alumina that blends in with the natural color of your teeth. The exciting potential of 3D printing can give your teeth the unique correction that fits your individual needs. 

What are the benefits of LightForce braces?

LightForce’s customized approach to treatment comes with a number of benefits for patients wanting quick, comfortable solutions. These benefits include:

They Are Customizable

Thanks to advancements in orthodontic technology and the rise of 3D printing, LightForce braces are highly customizable. Unlike traditional metal or other types of treatments, LightForce isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, the orthodontist will create a digital scan of your teeth and base the design on your custom treatment plan using the scan. These types of braces understand that no two smiles are the same.

They Have Shorter Treatment Times

LightForce braces create a treatment that doesn’t require you to rearrange your calendar much, but the treatment time is much shorter than other braces options. Because of the customized design of the 3D-printed treatment, your orthodontist can better control the direction of your teeth so fewer rearrangements and configurations are required. This means less time taken out of your busy schedule to make another appointment with the orthodontist.

They Require Fewer Office Visits

Other treatments require you to sit in the orthodontist’s chair for many visits while your doctor repositions your braces and bends the wires to get the teeth in the perfect position throughout the treatment. The result of this is an extended treatment period. LightForce braces are individualized to you. This way, they help to accelerate this period and help you get your idea smile in less time.

They Are More Comfortable

And finally, the biggest and simplest benefit of LightForce braces is this: they are more comfortable. Each customized 3D-printed treatment is a unique fit for each patient. No need to worry about your teeth moving in directions that might cause your braces to irritate your mouth and gums. Together these benefits make LightForce braces a lighter, more cozy orthodontic treatment solution.

Every orthodontic treatment is unique with its own pros and cons, but LightForce braces offer a promising new alternative with a wealth of perks. Reduced breakages, shorter treatment periods, and fewer office visits. It’s a treatment where all the best parts of different treatments come together.

Whats Are LightForce Braces?

Find your best smile with braces by Champlain Orthodontics

LightForce braces are an exciting advancement in orthodontic treatment, and we want you to enjoy all of its benefits. Our first priority is to provide you with a customized treatment plan and a rewarding orthodontic experience so that you can see exceptional results. 

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