The Benefits of Seeing An Orthodontist In Your Local Community

At Champlain Orthodontics, we know we are not your only option for orthodontic care. 100% online services have taken the orthodontic community by storm. We’re thrilled to see digital services in the orthodontic world — in fact, we even offer a virtual consultation ourselves! 

Even still, we don’t recommend the entirety of your treatment take place from home with off-site guidance. In-person orthodontic care has some invaluable features that set us apart from our online counterparts. 

Before you decide between online or in-office, consider the following:

Relationships Built On Trust

When you see an in-person orthodontic provider, you know precisely who administers your care and their qualifications. 

Confidence in your orthodontist is vital to success; Dr. Ryan and Dr. Eaton know that. They take pride in ensuring all your questions are answered, and your appointments are never rushed. Trust isn’t built with an online questionnaire; it’s built face-to-face. Our team loves getting to know you and your family throughout your treatment and aims to create a welcoming environment you look forward to and an experience to get excited about.

No At-Home DIY Orthodontic Projects

Many online orthodontic services require you to do some DIY-ing towards your care. They’ll likely send you an at-home mold impressions kit and request you to submit photographs of your mouth. Besides the fact DIY-ing your orthodontic care doesn’t sound like a bucket list item for most patients, the companies are also missing a lot of crucial information!

The teeth and gums must be healthy to qualify for treatment. Only an in-person, thorough examination can determine your oral health status! Because orthodontists attend dental school, they can check your teeth, gums, and jaw for signs of concern, like tooth decay or gum disease and refer you to a dentist if necessary. While it might feel inconvenient to get those issues treated before starting orthodontic care, attempting to move the teeth when the mouth is unhealthy could have disastrous results, including tooth loss and unnecessary pain!

Eliminating the at-home orthodontic projects helps to ensure you receive safe and effective care.

Multiple Treatment Options To Suit Your Needs

Champlain Orthodontics is delighted to offer multiple treatment options. Most online services exclusively offer clear aligners, and while they are a fantastic treatment choice, they aren’t the best for everyone! Some patients simply don’t want the responsibility of clear aligners, and some don’t qualify due to the complexity of alignment needs.

We’re proud to be able to treat a broader range of orthodontic cases and help give even more people in our community a reason to smile! Using metal braces, ceramic braces, and Invisalign clear aligners, we’re bound to have an option that fits your smile goals and lifestyle.

Care For The Whole Family

Does your child require orthodontic care? Does more than one member of your family require an alignment? Your entire family — including the kids! — can all come to Champlain Orthodontics and receive top-notch care.

Most online companies only serve those eighteen years and older, and those who treat patients as young as twelve will only provide care if they have lost all their baby teeth.

Sometimes, orthodontic care is needed for patients as young as seven, even if they have some baby teeth left. Teens and adults need treatment, too. Adults who have previously undergone orthodontic care but need retreatment for whatever reason are also welcome at Champlain Orthodontics. 

Modern Technology

Remember when we said in-office patients don’t have to do any DIY work at home? In-person patients also get to take advantage of the amazing technology we have in the office!

We want to give you the most pleasant, painless, and quick treatment possible but still be able to provide you with the stunning results we’re known for. To do this, we have invested in modern technology like shape-memory wires, iTero Element Scanners, and Diode Lasers to shorten the time spent in our chair every visit and reduce patient discomfort in and out of the office.

These investments allow us to give you personalized treatment quickly and comfortably without risking quality. With 3D interactive imaging, gum reshaping, and self-adjusting braces, you’ll attain the highest quality smile we can give you.

Affordable Care

You might think “high-quality smile” equals “high-costing service,” but it doesn’t! We strive to provide our community with affordable yet excellent orthodontic treatment. With our customizable care plans and various treatment options, we’re sure to build a program to achieve your goals without breaking the bank!Since we don’t believe in hidden fees or charges, we’ll break down the costs for you so that every dollar is accounted for before beginning treatment.

We’ll also communicate with your insurance company on your behalf! We have years of experience dealing with many insurance companies and want to ensure you’re getting all your benefits! We know how confusing and frustrating insurance companies and their policies can be, and we want to take on that responsibility for you!

If there is a remaining balance after insurance is applied, don’t worry! We have flexible payment plans available to pick from.

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Let Champlain Orthodontics Give You A Smile Worthy Of A Champion!

At Champlain Orthodontics, you’re more than your address and a before and after image. You’re a member of the community that we’re honored to serve.

To begin your orthodontic journey, contact us at one of our two convenient locations today! One of our kind and dedicated team members can help you schedule a zero-commitment, no-pressure, free consultation.

We can’t wait to meet you and watch your smile transform!